An Awesome Review

This past week I received a wonderful review from a reader. I really wish I could reach out to the reviewer to thank her. When a reader gets your story, it’s a marvelous feeling.

I didn’t write this book thinking I hope it becomes a Korean drama. (I’ll admit though, if a producer in Seoul contacted me with interest I’d be thrilled.) I wrote picturing it in my head as if it was a drama.

Maybe that’s nearly the same thing.


Drama fanatics, Korean scholars, and those who deal with Korean money will notice right off I did not use nyang for currency. I was already swimming against the stream going with Abeoji and Eomeoni for Father and Mother. And I couldn’t find out how much things would cost using nyangs  like on TV. And since I opted for fantasy over historical fiction (everything can be made better with a dragon) I went with gold.

So gold, silver, and coppers.


Did you know that for Namukkun and his wife’s (Namu Anae) name, I deliberately picked Namukkun as it means woodcutter, and  took the first two syllables of his name for his wife, so that means tree wife.


Eun Na and the Phantom is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo now. And as a paperback.

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