Of Myth and Magic


The books I’m sharing with you in this post have two mythological creatures that I myself love. From the West to the East, let’s celebrate fantasy together.

We have dragons. Who doesn’t love dragons? Long gone are the days where dragons were only evil creatures that kidnapped princesses. Dragons now come in nearly all sizes, from mayfly size to large enough to be ridden. We have dragons with wings, and Eastern dragons that fly with out wings.

Also from the East, we have the mythological 9 tailed fox. They are the huli jing in China, the gumiho in Korea, and the kitsune in Japan. They are at times depicted as tricksters, or evil.  Other tales show them as faithful, loyal guardians, friends, lovers, and even wives.

Coming this August is my own Regency era mashup with a gumiho, Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance.

Meanwhile, check out the following books.

Cora and the Nurse Dragon

H.L. Burke

Q: How did you choose to write about dragons?

A: Because it has been mathematically proven that everything is 9 times cooler with dragons. It’s math. Math doesn’t lie.

Words of Wisdom:

Never let anyone steal your dragons. Guard your dragons, imaginary or otherwise, with your life!


Kitsune-Tsuki & Kitsune-Mochi
Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Q: Why did you choose to write about a kitsune?

A: I write many things, but I write a lot about folklore, from familiar Western fae to a current WIP which is a mashup of Greek and Norse mythologies. KITSUNE-TSUKI came out of a story idea about an onmyouji (court-recognized practitioner of nature magic similar to feng shui) searching for a fox spirit. How does one find a shapeshifter who may or may not exist?

There is more coming in the Kitsune Tales world, as well as my other stories like the Greco-Norse story I mentioned. And I’ll be teaching at a writer’s workshop and tour in Ireland in 2017, a perfect place to write myth if ever there was one. Keep an eye open for more details!

And here’s a few more books for you to consider!
(Click the image to go check out the book.)

dragonfuture    prince   fifth
For many more clean fantasy books, check out Fellowship of Fantasy.
(Links were provided to me by the  individual authors.)
Come back in August for another list of books.
Do you have a favorite book featuring a fantasy creature? Comment below.

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