watching dramas

Recently I’ve watched quite a few dramas, as I like Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese dramas.

This little binge started when I watched the Korean version of Fated to Love You.

I loved it. I’d watched most of Shine or Go Crazy with Jang Hyuk, and found him an interesting actor to watch. And I really liked main girl, Mi Young played by Jang Na Ra. (I was surprised to see Papa Gumiho as the second male. He looks different in modern clothing, but he was still cool.) I rooted for Mi Young and Gun, and cried for them, and just loved this show.

In fact I didn’t want the story to end. So I did something I’ve not done before–I went on to watch the Taiwanese version. And not only did I finish watching it; I loved it. 

And then my sister introduced me to Bridal Mask. Oh my was that excellent! Kang-tu really won my heart over, and I anguished over Shinji.

Then I took some time to read a few books I had sitting around. (I discovered a new author: Ines Bautista-Yao. It’s totally awesome reading books set in the Philippines. Check out her goodreads profile to see which of her books appeals to you.)

And then I started watching Cinderella and the Four Knights.

I really don’t like waiting every week for the next episode. It’s soo hard!

It put me in the mood for more shows. But I wasn’t sure what to watch. I was browsing Dramafever, and noticed that Fabulous Boys was now on there. (I had previously attempted to watch that using a PC hooked up to the TV, but that was rather awkward to set up. And with a baby to watch over, it just didn’t work out. But I had loved You’re Beautiful, and I had liked Jiro Wang in It Started with a Kiss previously. I now had a Roku box.)
Did I want to watch Fabulous Boys? I wasn’t sure. I scrolled through the titles and noticed one called Absolute Boyfriend. I clicked it, and thought oh. That could be interesting, and a romantic comedy sounds about right.

I started episode 1. Noticed it was based on a manga by Yuu Watase, and I had enjoyed Fushigi Yugi alot.) I also realized that the lead actress had been in Boys Over Flowers, but her voice was wrong.  I went on to episode 2.  My daughter joined me, and really liked how strong Night was, and she enjoyed the theme songs. So the two of us kept watching.
The next day we continued our marathon as the boys played computer games.
The ending was sad.
I needed another drama.
Guess what I picked?
Yep, Fabulous Boys. Let’s see Jiro actually get the girl at the end.
My daughter again watches most of it with me. (She liked the theme song.)
Well, after that, I wanted to compare it to You’re Beautiful.
I had a problem. Which version did I like better?
I wasn’t sure. I loved both  Tae Kyung and Tai Jing. I loved both Mi Nams.
Taiwanese or Korean version?
Did I really need to pick?
No, I didn’t need to pick. I’ll just love both. Easy peasy.

Now I’m in drama limbo. My husband promised to watch Ice Fantasy with me, so I’ve been good waiting for him. But I can’t guarantee I’ll wait much longer.
Except the end of the month has Scarlet Heart: Ryeo coming up, and I’m eagerly been looking forward to that one.

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