Creating a 3D cover for your box set

Making a 3D cover for my box set was an interesting experience. I had to use both GIMP and PSP X8. I could not, for whatever reason, get the perception correction/proportion scewer to work in paint shop the way I wanted it to. It always did the opposite of what I expected.

Then I learned this from Draft2Digital–Apple does not allow 3D covers.  I could have just opted out of Apple distribution, or just emailed D2D with an alternate cover. I decided to just change the cover with D2D’s distribution.

So here’s my 3D cover. (If you click it you will be taken to Amazon where you can buy this.)

And here’s the one I’m using for D2D.

The basic tips to remember for the 3D image, you need a template.  (If you are talented you can make one. I even found a tutorial that didn’t use one.) Here’s a basic one, and you can adjust it if you need less that four for your set.

You can find a tutorials on Youtube, or here at Lisa Shea’s blog.

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