Hello, Roxbury Books


Roxbury Books was a while in the making. My dad and I wanted a way to market our books together. We both write fantasy. I also write stories in a brand new exciting genre: Korean drama/Kpop fiction.

Trust me on this. It is a thing. It’s right on the cutting edge. And it’s going to be spectacular.

In fact, Tapas Media believes in Korean fiction enough to be bringing translations of Korean webcomics and novels to an English speaking world.

There’s the Kcons, both in LA and NYC every year.

Dramafever and Viki stream licensed Kdramas.

YesAsia.com sells DVDs, CDs, posters… and other goodies.

There’s even others who write Kpop and Kdrama inspired fiction.

I wanted a way to connect to those other writers who love what I love. And to help readers find us.

And so, Roxbury Books was created.

We aren’t a publisher. We are a group of independent authors. Check us out on the web at roxburybooks.com.

And don’t forget to tell your favorite Kpop or Kdrama fan about us.

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