Today I had a minor shock.  I had entered my two books into the Indie e-Con Awards. Today I noticed that one of my titles actually had won a badge for Best Fantastic Journey.  I used snippet to grab this:



With out readers, this would not have been possible.   So I thank everyone who has read my books, and those who took the time to vote.

The Indie e-Con was hosted by Kendra E. Ardneck of Knitted By God’s Plan. You can see this years winners here: 2017 Winners.   I personally like the name of her blog, as I’ve felt lead in my journey as a writer: from short stories in a magazine to freelance writer,  to my happiest authorship as an indie author.

I do believe that if I had taken the agents advice, I would have had a more marketable book. I might have made more money with it. But I’d have had to take the Korean out. If I had taken the Korean out, then the readers who have found me, and nominated me, and even voted for me, might not have found me. Many readers have reached out and told me how happy they were when they saw the historic Korean style of clothing on the cover. And how much they loved this story.

So, to all of you who have read, and will read, this humble story inspired by a  Korean folktale, thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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