K-drama Review: My Secret Romance

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My Secret Romance is a romantic comedy, heavy on the kisses. I enjoyed it. It got off to a fast start. Cha Jin Wook is a business heir, and as such, his father has high expectations for him. However, Jin Wook is a bit of party boy and irresponsible.  His father sends him off to one of their resorts to work as a bellhop. It’s there that Jin Wook meets Lee Yoo Mi.

Lee Yoo Mi ends up at the resort for her mother’s new marriage. (Her mother is an aging erotic actress, who had some unhappiness to deal with. Besides dealing with that, she’s also dealing with unfilled dreams of being a legitimate actress. And rather than realize it’s because she’s just not good at acting she’s blaming getting pregnant with Yoo Mi.)

Yoo Mi is naïve, and never had a boyfriend. She’s also a bit of a social outcast at school, in part because of her mother’s career choice. The other part is she’s afraid to really get to know someone.  She’s afraid of getting hurt, and using her mother as her scapegoat. To her it’s because her mother was an erotic actress, so she can never have a relationship. It’s something Yoo Mi clings to. There’s safety behind a blanket statement. Instead of owning the problem, she’s taking the easy way out.

Unhappy, and drunk, Jin Wook and Yoo Mi end up sitting at the beach together. Feeling a connection to her, Jin Wook kisses her. Yoo Mi, probably because she’s drunk and lonely, kisses him back and they have their one night stand.

Three years later, Jin Wook is a hard-working director of his father’s company. Yet he’s not able to forget Yoo Mi. And Yoo Mi has graduated school as a nutritionist and ends up assigned to Jin Wook’s company.   Still timid, and still hiding behind her mother’s career choice. (Luckily for her, she has her best friend Jung Hyun Tae.)

When Jin Wook learns she’s working for him, he decides on revenge—he’ll have her make his meals for him. Of course, true love never does run smooth. There’s plenty of steamy kisses in this show, and some of them were a bit too long. I could relate to Yoo Mi’s fear of risking being hurt. She was tremendously hurt. And I found Jin Wooks patience and willingness to let her run, while still loving her, relatable.

Over all this show was enjoyable. I just wish it had kept the momentum and character development going for the last two episodes. I do hope there’s more collaborations between Dramafever and Korean producers, because you know, there’s some books that would make a good K-drama. 😊

For a different review, with a episode by episode blow, go to Dramas with a Side of Kimchi.

Have you seen this show? What did you think of it?

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