Dramas to Watch


Image courtesy Dramafever. Used with permission. Visit Dramafever to watch.

There are several good dramas airing currently. I thought I’d share the ones I’m currently watching. (And this one really left me hanging this week!)

Ruler of the Mask airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It has romance, intrigue, and suspense.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Image courtesy Dramafever.  Used with permission. Visit Dramafever to watch.

This show has been funny so far. Although it’s a time period piece, it has a modern feel to it.  That makes for an interesting mix for me.  I look forward to seeing how this goes.


Image courtesy Dramafever. Used with permission. Click to go watch.

Ji Chang Wook. Need I say more?

This show is also called Suspicious Partners.

Law student Eun Bong Hee  gets assigned to train under the man voted “Worst Prosecutor,”  Noh Ji Wook.  When she unwittingly witnesses a murder, and is then framed for one, she calls him for help.   What’s the prosecutor to do?

And this has lead me to fill the waiting time for the currently airing shows with…

Image curtesy Dramafever. Used with permission. Click to watch.

I’ve become aware that some Kdrama viewers did not like The K2. It’s loaded with action, and has a sweet coming of age and learning to love again vibe to it. So far, I’m enjoying it.  My sister has been wanting to watch this with me for awhile, and normally I try to not watch more than two dramas at a time, because when that happens, I end up not finishing some.

Anna is a secluded  and naive young woman, who is in danger. K2 is a man on the run, framed for murder of the woman he loved.  People that help him tend to get hurt, so he approaches his relationship with Anna that way. Meanwhile, her evil stepmother is trying to get her husband (Anna’s father) the presidency. And when I say evil, I mean evil. I do not either of Anna’s parents.

I’m not sure how things will finish, but I care enough about what happens to Anna and K2, and the family of misfits that consist of the people expected to guard Anna.

What shows are you watching?

Have you seen any of the ones I’ve mentioned above? What do you think of them?


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