Touches of Home & Family

When reading my work, you’ve probably realized how very important family is to me. I would not be who I am with out my family, or my faith. (Another component I’ve had readers reach out to say they love about my works.)

Perhaps on occasion I can share some family things.

Why do I value family as much as I do?   Well, I just know I always have.  Especially my sisters.  When I was four, I became the proud big sister to triplets.  That’s also when my family was sealed together for time and eternity in the LDS Washington D.C. Temple. I remember vividly joining my parents in the sealing room, and how important it was to me that the triplets joined us, and the joy when they did.

That really set the stage for me on how important my family was. Who would have thought that five years later, in horrible July, one of those precious three babies would die in an accident?

This past week, I took my kids to visit the cemetery with my dad. It was a life time ago; it was just a summer ago.  In tears, dad asked, “Why does it still hurt soo much?” All I could say was for me, some years  hurt more than others. But I’m so glad she was ours. (This memorial day for Beth was a bit more painful for me, as my own daughter Bethy is 5, the same age my sister Beth was when she died.)

So family is important to me. Each and every member. And most especially the three that God entrusted to me.

Which leads me to what I was wanting to share. I’m not known for enjoying to cook. I like to avoid it when I can. However, two of my kids love helping in the kitchen.  This means, I’m doing more in the kitchen with them. (And desperately trying to stay on top of the kitchen. It seems there is always a load of dishes that is waiting for its turn in the dishwasher. Thank goodness for dishwashers!)

Yesterday E requested to make pizza  together. We were adventurous, shooting for four (with two pans) pizzas. We sort of burnt one, and over cooked another, but they still tasted good. And the best part was, E declaring how much he prefers our pizzas to the delivery kind. And having this memory etched in my head:

E kneading  dough. (Although he really likes to *punch* it.)


What special ordinary things do you do with your family? (Share in the comments.)


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