#Kcon 2017

I’m excited for a friend of mine.

She not only gets to go to Kcon in LA, but she’s going to be on a panel discussing her books, and fan-fiction in general.

I know that fan-fiction is frowned on by some folks. But… many books can be considered fan-fiction.

For instance,George Lucas was brilliant when it came to fan-fiction. He authorized it and we have a whole line of Star Wars books. (I’m sure I’m not the only person that can get Kpop hooked up to Star Wars.) How many folks may have discovered the books first? And of course, many movie fans became readers. And I bet Mr. Lucas got a nice chunk of royalties for the license to use Star Wars.

Fan-fiction doesn’t have to mean cheap knockoffs. Nor does it have to mean real-celebrity romances. That just gives it a bad name.

How many writers started off writing in their genre because of Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, EB White, or Stephen King? Jane Austen fans created two genres too, because not only do we have Regency romance (both the sweet and the bodice rippers), but we now have Jane Austen Fiction.

So, there’s a place for it.

I was a bit surprised when my own work was referred to has fan-fiction by someone. I never thought of it as fan-fiction, outside of the fact that I do enjoy a good drama story, and I love digging into Asian history and folklore. Because it’s interesting to me.  But yes, fans are giving rise to what I hope will be a good and lasting genre of it’s own. (In fact, I know several other authors writing K-fiction.)

Also, I’m preparing for some fun things for the week of the convention to bring attention to not only to Kpop Romance books, but Asian fantasy too. (Especially mine, because you know, I love my heart warming little stories, and I hope you will too.)


One thought on “#Kcon 2017

  1. My favorite Kpop or Kdrama moment would be when I discovered you books, Erica Laurie. I know, it’s not really very dramatic, but to me it was. I’m a new reader to your books and I love what I’ve read so far. 😊❤️📚

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