Books I’ve been reading

Over at my book site, Roxbury Dragons, I review books in my blog.  I’ve been busy working my way through my Advanced Reader Copies, and some book I’ve grabbed because they caught my eye.

Growing up,  my favorites stores were bookstores. I knew where they were in the mall, and even the big super bookstores that eventually came to be.  A few years ago I learned about Netgalley, as I had met some book fans who got free books from publishers for their book blog. I had been reviewing books on my blog and watching the indie book movement, and signed up.

I love Netgalley.  I especially love when publishers give me real physical books to read.

So, lately, between cuddling and watching TV with my littlest, I’ve been reading. Here’s a few titles.


Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a fun romantic comedy. It’s by one of my favorite romance lines, A Proper Romance by Shadow Mountain.  You can be sure this title is a clean read.

Dongeng was an enjoyable visit to Malaysian folklore.  I look forward to reading more.

The Yard Sale is a Christian inspirational story about a family dealing with the kidnapping of 5 year old Cindi.  It was written by a friend of my parents, and when she told me that my parents appeared in it, I decided to read it.   I do believe that I should warn readers that there is a scene depicting the intent to molest a child.

I do want to mention this. In this book, there is a story related about a 5 year old girl named Elizabeth, who died in a drowning accident. Elizabeth’s tale was inspired by real events surrounding my sister, Elizabeth. When my mom finally took down her crib, there were many drawings under the mattress. Mom called those angels. She had one made into a needlepoint, which I have to this day.

You can read my full reviews by clicking the titles.

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