The Customs of Chuseok 추석


With my last post, I briefly touched on how  Chuseok is the mid-autumn festival, or Korean Thanksgiving.  During this time, Koreans travel to spend time with family, and to enjoy food together.

Another thing they do is they honor their ancestors. Charye is the first ancestorial memorial rite peformed on Chuseok, and it honors four generations back. One of the most interesting things to me with this is that, they believe that life doesn’t end at death, and that family ties are eternal.  In fact, you could say, their hearts are turned towards the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers are turned to them.*  I love how the Korean culture cherishes family.

During the coming week, they will tend to the graves, pulling weeds.

Food is enjoyed, small gifts are exchanged, and games are played. One such game is Hwatu.


Piggyrabbit ** enjoys playing Hwatu

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And these printable bookmarks.

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*As a member of the Mormon church, we believe that in the last days the Biblical promise to Elijah will be fullfilled, and the hearts of the children will turn to the fathers, and the fathers to the children. An eternal chain of the family, linking generations.

Old Testament. Malachi 4:5-6

I see the Korean people’s love for their ancestors as part of this promise, for not only do you seek to care for them, but they seek to care for you from heaven.

** Did you  know that Piggyrabbit stars in the popular Kdrama You’re Beautiful, and the Taiwanese remake Fabulous Boys?

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