Christmas Traditions

You can join the Christmas Party over at  Roxbury Dragons starting December 24th.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. From the pretty decorated trees, the snow, to the music, I love it.

Growing up, my mom would host a Polish Christmas Eve dinner. It was both dreaded by us kids, and looked forward to.  Dinner was Polish food, with no meat. Which meant  lots of pierogis. (Being an extremely picky eater, I’d eat some fish sticks, and was often hungry.)  Traditionally the youngest in the family would keep an eye out for the first star of the night before we could eat. (If there is no star, you can not eat. )  An extra plate is left for a guest.  Mom would put a bit of hay in the middle of the table, and cover it with this table runner from Poland.

At the beginning of the meal, Dad (as head of household) would break a piece off a large wafer biscuit called an Oplatek, then  hand it to Mom, and it would go around the table. Then Mom would  give the last of it to the dog(s).

After dinner, we gathered for the telling of the Christmas story. Besides reading from the Bible, Mom would read The Littlest Angel.   I’m sure none of us had dry eyes at the end of this story.



What are some of your family Christmas traditions?



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