My new writing buddy, Scruffy.

Photo Mar 16, 3 34 45 PM

Meet Scruffy.  I’d been wish shopping puppies, and my husband decided to check out this local pet shop.   One of the things I wanted was a dog that would  love the kids, and be a nice companion, so I was looking at many different breeds, from collies to yorkies.  (Now, my family has had schnauzers forever, and if you follow me on instagram then you’ve probably seen them. I happen to love the spunky breed.)  In fact, I had read up on so many breeds that I couldn’t keep track of them. So we walked into the shop, my eyes zeroed in on this white fuzzball. When I went up to the window, she bounced and kept vigorously scratching at the window.  We asked to see her. Once inside the puppy room, the fuzzball circled me in high speed, and jumped around. They gave us a ball, so I tossed it and she  ran and grabbed it and brought it back. I threw it again, and the puppy grabbed it and plopped into my lap to chew it. I decided then I wanted this dog.  Even my husband liked her, and to my delight he spoke with the clerk and I found myself bringing her home. Scruffy is a first generation Havanese and Coton de Tulear  mix, and is registered with the AKC.

Scruffy has  been with us a week now. She’s a fast learner, and loves to walk for treats.  She has a particular fondness for my teenager too. I did get some writing in, but there’s something about a sleeping fuzzball nearby that makes you want to snuggle it.

You can follow her antics on her instagram account.

2 thoughts on “My new writing buddy, Scruffy.

  1. I want a dog too! When I’m at my in laws’ or parents’ house and their dog sits next to me (or on me in the case of my mom’s chihuahua), I love it. But I don’t know if I can take care of a dog and my kids haha

  2. I can understand. I didn’t want the added responsibility, and put off wanting one for quite a few years. (It helped that I had my sister’s dog to love.)

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