What I see when I log into WordPress and Check Stats

I thought readers might be interested to know what kind of information that WordPress shares with me for my website. Do keep in mind that while this information is accurate for me, it might vary for another. I  use a basic free plan. I don’t have added plugins that collect various data. I wouldn’t even know what to do with all of that. I like things simple. I like seeing a general map of where visitors are from. I do not get to know  WHO visited from there though. You are safely anonymous to me.

blog daily stat view

So you can see, I get to see how many Views, Visitors, Likes, and Comments I get. I can get a daily view, by the week, by the year, or an all time view. This image shows a daily view.

blog stats map 2017

Here is a close up of the map with my stats for 2017. Isn’t it really cool? I don’t get specific numbers, but I do see I get the most visits from the United States. (Could my own visits to update be the biggest factor? I think so.)

When I click to to see Insights (see the upper left hand corner) I’ll see this.  (I erased where wordpress is trying to sell me a new  domain. I already use two for this website, so  I’m not going to buy a third. That’s where the yellow circle with the star in the middle is.)

blog stats insight

If you look closely here you can see I am told who left a comment (name provided by them to wordpress) as well as my followers. Let’s take a closer look.

blog stats comments

If you choose to follow by email, I’ll see this:

blog followers by email

When you follow by email, each blog post wordpress sends you  a copy to your inbox. Just like mailing lists, there’s a stop getting link. You can also update your preferences  at wordpress. (WordPress provides that info.)

And there you go.

Should you wish to be even more anonymous, you can! Just book mark my website and visit often.

If you don’t like that wordpress shares your email with blog owners, do contact them. I’m sure they can figure out how to keep that info private and just show us how many followers we have.   (Which I think is a terrific idea.)


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