For the Love of Korea Sponsors

Last year at my book blog I hosted a K-book Blog Party.  You can check those books out by going here:

Contest from this previous event not valid

This year I’m doing things a little different.   First up,  I’m going to introduce the sponsoring authors.


Jennie Bennett is the author of K-pop Romance books such as Celebrity Superhero and #Fangirl Problems. Jennie loves all things Korean. You can find her at


The other sponsor is me.  I’m a Kdrama fan, and I also  enjoy some Kpop. (I’ll admit that most of the songs I have I track down because I heard it  in a show, and there’s a good chance I won’t recall who sings it. But don’t worry, I’m the same way with most music I enjoy from around the world. Isn’t the internet grand?)    I write romantic fantasy. While most fantasy is set in a medieval Europeon based world, the worlds I create are inspired by historic Korea.

Here’s one of my favorite Kpop tunes by  CNBlue.




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