For the Love of Korea: So I Married the Antifan

[Feature film adaption with EXO’s Chanyeol and Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun released in China July 2016]

Modern-day woman Geunyoung Lee struggles to make ends meet working as a lowly reporter for a magazine. She lives with a friend and barely scratches out her rent every month. On the other hand, male sex symbol Joon Hoo currently rides on top of the world. His movies become instant hits. Corporations clamber all over each other to pay for his product endorsements. Women adore him. His public image stays squeaky clean…that is, until one night he runs into Geunyoung at a club. Lee accidentally snaps a photo of Joon dumping a heartbroken young girl. He suddenly goes nuclear trying to protect his image, forcing Lee’s magazine to fire her. Now, despite losing her job and apartment, the intrepid young woman has taken on a new mission in life: Destroy Joon Hoo at all costs.

This manhwa is based on the novel of the same title written by Eunjung Kim, and its production is partly supported by SBA Seoul Animation Center.

Korea has their own manga/anime. It’s called manhwa (만화).


I’ve only read volume 1 so far, and it was cute. There was some kissing, and a woman in lingerie.

Interestingly I notice that there a Chinese drama based on the manhwa, starring EXO’s Chanyeol, so I’ve selected a song that features in to share today with you.  If you do go on to watch the C-drama (I plan to), just remember that everybody is dubbed.  It makes for interesting viewing, but after awhile you’ll start to recognize voice actors even though the physical actor changes.

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