For the Love of Korea: Her Unexpected Fate

When I started planning this event, I reached out to several authors. The one that got back to me was Love Journey. On her Amazon bio she states:  LOVE JOURNEY is a brown girl that’s captivated by the world of Asian dramas, culture, food, and music. She writes to show the world that Asian men and Black Women (AMBW) Romance is alive and well.

Love Journey provided me with a list of books that was influenced by her love of things Asian/Korean.

BOOK 1 – Paranormal Tiger Shifter Romance
A life of obligation is the only thing Mika has ever known.
She is one of the last female tiger-shifter. Her future has been decided – marry the tiger-shifter prince, produce children, and save the race. She has always followed a strict code of conduct and played by the rules. That is, until she meets Seungri.

She didn’t expect him to understand, but she hoped to have this one affair of the heart before settling into her life of loveless duty. As Seungri finds his way into her heart, Mika’s must decide between betraying her people or her soul mate. Time to decide.

Her Unexpected Fate is a short but sweet romance novella, with no graphic content. This can be read as a stand-alone novella.

AMBW Paranormal Shifter Romance Series:
Book 1 – Her Unexpected Fate
Book 2 – His Unexpected Love
Book 3 – Their Unexpected Legacy

I’ve read the first in the series, Her Unexpected Fate.  I’ve also grabbed the second one in the series. I thought Her Unexpected Fate sets the stage for part two.  I won’t give any details, but I liked it enough to read on. The world is interesting, and I look forward to seeing the further world building While this book isn’t set in the real world, Mika does fall in love with a man whose culture will mirror Korean culture in some ways.

If you like shapeshifters, the check out this song from the Kdrama, Gu Family Book.





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