For the Love of Korea: Jennie Bennett’s Be a Star in a Kpop Romance Novel

This exciting contest is offered by Jennie Bennett.

kpop contest


How to enter:

Either publicly share the contest post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter–or Snap, Tweet, Insta, or post on Facebook about one of my books, and tag me in the post.

That post is on her facebook page.  Sharing this blog post will not count towards an entry (although it is appreciated).

You’ll get one entry per social media share, per day.
Since writing a book is a huge undertaking, Jennie will not write it unless she gets 100 entrants (not entries, rather, individual persons participating. So the more you share, the better.)

Contest ends June 17th at midnight!
Facebook: Jennie Bennett
Instagram: @jenniefire
Twitter: @jabennettwrites
Snapchat: @jennie-fire


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