What I’m up to this October


October is one of my favorite months. For one thing, I love how it starts of the holiday season. Maybe it’s also because my mom loved it and  had lots of fun decorations.  I know as a kid, dressing up and trick or treating was the reason.  As an adult, I loved passing out candy.  (I was generous and delighted in the big eyes of the beggers.) These days I take my kids begging, but it’s not the huge mass of kids  ghosts and ghouls like I recall when I was a kid. Another great thing about fall is all the yummy goodies, and the colors of nature is that winter is coming!

I know that makes most people groan.

What are some of  the things you like about October?

I’m currently reading:

I was lucky in that I got an ARC for this beauty.  It’s a fun story so far. Our leading  lady has spunk and wit.  This book hits the shelves on November 6th.

Drama wise, I’m watching Blood and 100 Days My Prince.

(Images from Dramafever.  Used with permission.)

One is a story about a vampire who works as surgeon, as he tries to uncover who murdered his parents. The other is an historical drama about an unhappy prince who forgets who he is.


What are you currently reading and/or watching?

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