February Reads

I have read quite a few books this month. (I’ve reviewed a few of them  over on my book blog.) Here are a few of them. (Don’t forget to tell me what you’ve been reading in the comments!)

Beneath the Bellemont Sky is a heartwarming story about family, love, and second chances. It primarily follows the Larson family, who own a farm in Wyoming.

As I was reading this I felt like I was part of the family. I wanted them to find happiness, and this book delivers. (Even for the couple who you wanted to shake some sense into.)

I received an ARC from the publisher.

This was an enjoyable story about family, finding love, and God. It also deals a bit with prejudices after the Civil War. It shows how both sides had issues that were painful for them, and how God’s healing hand can help. It also showed two different father and son relationships. I liked the character growth. There was a lot of it.

What made this book a bit difficult was the way speaking was written for the Quincy and his family. I had trouble reading it, and would have preferred a little less linguistically spellings..

The other drawback was the romance. The bulk of it is with a man who doesn’t suit Laurel. I do appreciate the happy ending though. The ending was as it should.

I received an ARC, and would read this author again.

ollie oxley

I loved this book. For one thing, I could relate to how Ollie must feel about moving. Ollie’s unhappiness is straining his family relationships. Quickly upon moving, Ollie has a run in with the class bully, and a friendly boy name Teddy.

When Ollie’s mom’s new job is threatened with closing, Teddy tells Ollie about his father’s hidden gold. The trouble is, Teddy doesn’t remember where his house is, nor his last name. So Ollie and Teddy go on a hunt for the golden treasure, and end up repairing another treasure–Ollie’s family.

This is a must read book. It’s middle grade, but I do feel that it’s a good book about family.  If you like heartwarming tales of adventure and family, this is for you. All the pieces fit together nicely.

This book releases June 18, 2019.

I received an ARC from the publisher.

ojichan's gift.png

Heartwarming tale with beautiful illustrations.

One of the things I loved about this storybook was that it showcases family love. Although Grandpa lived far away from Mayumi, he still was a part of her life through the garden he created for her. The ending is poignant.

I received and ARC from the publisher.

What books have you been reading? 

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