A writer friend got me thinking. January 29, 2016 is the official date listed for publishing my first book, Eun Na and the Phantom. That means I’ve been an indie author for 6 years.

Yet, I haven’t published a finished work since 2017.

5 years ago.

I need to change that.

I am working to change that.

I am changing that.

Sometimes I feel like I failed as an author. I have tried to learn marketing. I have tried to write to market, as I would love for my stories to support my family, even after I am gone. But, the stories that my heart wants to write doesn’t seem to that kind of story.

I like writing fairy tales, filled with magic, love, and happy ever afters.

To those who are still following me and waiting for my next book. Thank you.

To those who have just recently discovered me, thank you.

To everyone who has purchased one of my imperfect books: Thank you.

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