Updates to Eun Na and the Phantom

This week I updated the print edition of Eun Na and the Phantom. It’s really hard to catch all the typos and other mistakes, and this was my first book. I tried to keep the ebook updated. Well, recently a reader pointed out a missed error. (I had steal when it should be steel. And I was rather embarrassed it was still there. ) Time to do an update.

This time I updated both the ebook and paperback.

I also decided to make a few subtle changes. One is that I hyphenated Eun Na’s mother’s name for readability. I am also switching back to the original cover on the ebook so it will match the paperback.

I’ve requested Amazon to push through the updates, but I’m not sure they will. (Apple did it automatically. I don’t know about the other retailers.) If they don’t, on your amazon account go to “Content and Devices” and you’ll get something like this:

Click on BOOKS and then search out the title. If Amazon honors my request, you’ll be able to update your copy.

You should know if it’s the updated copy by the cover changes. (One of the reason’s I changed it.)

And thank you to all of you who have supported my books. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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