New Cover Reveal: It Started with a Lie

cover art by JV ARts

I am delighted to share the new cover art for It Started with a Lie.

This beautiful artwork was created for me by JV Arts.

It Started with a Lie is only 99 cents for a few more days! Grab your copy for this low price while you can!

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I’d been toying with the idea of a clean (no explicit content) reverse harem for awhile. I’ve always believed that it is possible to love two spouses, in particular husbands. A widow who remarries does this. And as I believe that our family ties are meant for, and can be, forever, it reasons to me that it is possible. Just, as Gemma realizes, it’s not usually at the same time during our mortal existence.

If you want hots of heat in your RH, this book might not be for you. But it is filled with love and family, which after all, is what a good fairy tale is about.

New Release: It Started with a Lie

When Gemma lied and said he was her boyfriend, Gun helped her by playing the part. Now he’s asked her to be his fake wife. However, he forgot to tell her he’s a 9-tailed fox.

As the pair spend time together, their feelings grow. However, lies and jealousy will lead Gemma to the land of dragons, where she enters the palace of the third prince, a dragon named Ryu.

Loving one man is hard enough. What happens when there are two?

This book is a #justkisses reverse harem.

Currently available in ebook on Amazon and other major retailers.

Pre-order The Fox and the Phoenix

Coming this June!

Following a tragedy hundreds of years ago, a nine-tailed fox has taken refuge in the mortal realm. There, he ends up with an unwanted human roommate named Riley. As he tries to push her away, he begins to have feelings for her. However, nine-tailed foxes are known to kill their brides on the wedding night and Dong is determined to never love again. Exactly what can he do to get Riley to leave? And worse, what will he do when she does?

Can’t wait? Check it out now Kindle Vella.

Release date: June 22, 2022