New Title on Vella

This story is an on-going story about a snake fairy who wants to become a dragon.

Participate in reader polls and watch as the story unfolds as it is being written. (You can always come back and comment below!)

The first three chapters are always free.

Check it out now on Vella

It’s Here: The Fox and the Phoenix now in KU and Print

Now in ebook and print

I am delighted to announce that The Fox and the Phoenix is now available in ebook and print.

For 90 days you can read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. After that time, I plan to go wide. (Are you struggling to make ends meet? Join my readers group for opportunities for review copies.)

This title is also available on Kindle Vella. For a breakdown on pricing:

On Vella, The Fox and the Phoenix will run you 462 tokens. This is controlled by amazon based on word count. Currently, this means you should buy at least the $4.99 block of tokens. (It’s currently $1.99 for 200, or 525 for $4.99).

For this week, you can get the ebook for 99 cents.

Print edition: $12.99