Farewell, SoaringwithDragons. Hello, Erica.

Hi. Erica here.   I have some news I wanted to share.

Soaring with Dragons is changing it’s name.  Or rather,  I’m streamlining my author platform and removing it.  When I first started indie publishing I thought that having a cool URL would make it easier to find me.   What seemed like a good idea at the time, I’ve decided isn’t the best moving forward.  I mean, my name is my brand, and I want my readers to recognize me and the happy wholesome stories I write.

My official URL is now ericalaurie.com.  Please update your bookmarks if you were using soaringwithdragons.com. (If you weren’t, then you should be fine, as both directed to the same website.)

Thank you for the support. Stay safe, stay happy.