Suspicious Partner -Episode 1 & 2

Dramas With A Side of Kimchi

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.14.51 AMFrom the writer that brought us the most likeable serial killer in dramaland, and the most awkward tea parties ever. We now have Suspicious Partner. A drama that really has everything. Crackling OTP (One True Pairing) chemistry, witty and fast paced dialogue. A murder mystery worth solving. And most of all PLOT.

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The Fangirl’s Favorite Villains of 2016

Good list.
I think my favorite on this list is Prince Yo, aka Eyeliner Prince.
I’m not done with Moonlight or W yet, and one I’ve not seen the others.

Dramas With A Side of Kimchi


We had some really successful bad guys & girls this year and I think it is important to give them the recognition that is their due.  There is nothing worse than having a mediocre big bad be a nemesis, which means they are a pivotal part of what makes a drama great.  So come join The Fangirls as we discuss our favorites of 2016.  Did yours make our list?

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