Vella stories are serialized fiction you can read from your Kindle App or on the web.

The Fox and the Phoenix

genre: fantasy romance

A 9 tailed fox gets an unexpected roommate.

Also available in ebook and print.

The Dragon Awfuls

genre: fantasy. fantasy romance. ghost.

The Dragon Awfuls is a collection of short serialized fiction, written by the Dragon Writers.   Some are indeed enchanting tales of magic and myth. Others are truly awful and full of plot holes.

One Thousand Winters

genre: fantasy romance

A sleeping dragon is awakened in this xianxia style romance.

The Sea Kingdom

genre: Fantasy Romance

During a ritual to pray for rain, a young girl befriends the young sea prince. He gives her his magic pearl and asks her to return it once it has rained. She never returns. Now he’s returned to reclaim what it his.

It Started with a Lie

genre: fantasy romance

When Gemma lied and said he was her boyfriend, Gun helped her by playing the part. Now he’s asked her to be his fake wife. However, he forgot to tell her he’s a 9-tailed fox. As the pair spend time together, their feelings grow. However, lies and jealousy will lead Gemma to the land of dragons, where she enters the palace of the third prince, a dragon named Ryu. Loving one man is hard enough. What about two?

Completed. Coming Soon in ebook and print.

The Fox and the Elf

genre: fantasy romance

A man of good fortune has moved into the neighborhood, and all the ladies are swooning except for Elspeth. This is a Pride and Prejudice retelling.

Note: On-hold

The Ballad of Sir Snake

genre: fantasy romance

Gwyn, a snake fairy, wants to become a dragon.

Note: This is a slowly updating story.