Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance

Elizabeth Pendry lives content with her books and imagination.  When an unexpected visit from her aunt throws her life into disarray, Elizabeth seeks comfort from her imaginary fairy friends. Little does she know that fairies are real and that someone hears her.

Being half-mythological and half-mortal leaves George feeling like he doesn’t fit in anywhere. Not in the magical world of his mother, or the mortal one of his father.  Until he hears Elizabeth talking to the fairies.

When Elizabeth first learns that magic and fairies are real, she enjoys believing in them. After all, George is handsome and kind. They are happy for a time.  But a dark and sinister magic soon threatens her family, forcing Elizabeth to choose between protecting them or being with the one she loves, sending George on a desperate search to find her.

This is a just kisses fantasy romance set in an alternate Regency-era England. It is not intended to be historically accurate.

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