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Dragons. 9 Tailed Foxes. Fairies.

Following a tragedy hundreds of years ago, a nine-tailed fox has taken refuge in the mortal realm. There, he ends up with an unwanted human roommate named Riley. As he tries to push her away, he begins to have feelings for her. However, nine-tailed foxes are known to kill their brides on the wedding night and Dong is determined to never love again. Exactly what can he do to get Riley to leave? And worse, what will he do when she does?

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Eun Na is working hard to help her father pay off a debt to a merciless lord when she meets two very different men by chance. One is a well-meaning noble who doesn’t believe in magic. The other: a mysterious stranger who is forced to take the ethereal form of a ghost each night.

This magical story, inspired by a Korean folktale, is set in a fictional world based on Joseon era Korea.

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The lonely sea dragon, Yong, wants a bride
Chung Jo wants her father to regain his sight.

They will strike a bargain, and Chung Jo travels to Yong’s palace beneath the sea.

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Evangeline makes a fateful wish and wakes up in Joseon era Korea. Believing it to be a dream, she adapts quickly. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that Beom is handsome even if he is a little rough around the edges.

As for Beom, he’s not sure what to make of the maiden who mysteriously materialized before his eyes. But one thing he knows for sure –he must help her return home to her world. Yet the longer he is with her, the more he wants her to stay. When the time comes, will he be able to let her go?

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Elizabeth Pendry lives content with her books and imagination. When an unexpected visit from her aunt throws her life into disarray, Elizabeth seeks comfort from her imaginary fairy friends. Little does she know that fairies are real and that someone hears her.

Being half-mythological and half-mortal leaves George feeling like he doesn’t fit in anywhere. Not in the magical world of his mother, or the mortal one of his father. Until he hears Elizabeth talking to the fairies.

When Elizabeth first learns that magic and fairies are real, she enjoys believing in them. After all, George is handsome and kind. They are happy for a time. But a dark and sinister magic soon threatens her family, forcing Elizabeth to choose between protecting them or being with the one she loves, and sending George on a desperate search to find her.

This is a just kisses fantasy romance set in an alternate Regency-era England. It is not intended to be historically accurate.

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Lies have a way of growing out of control.

When Gemma lied and said he was her boyfriend, Gun helped her by playing the part. Now he’s asked her to be his fake wife. However, he forgot to tell her he’s a 9-tailed fox. As the pair spend time together, their feelings grow. However, lies and jealousy will lead Gemma to the land of dragons, where she enters the palace of the third prince, a dragon named Ryu. Loving one man is hard enough. What happens when there are two?

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When fairy Jingyi goes to pick a divine peach that grows once every ten thousand years, she discovers a wounded man. Mistaking him for an immortal she aids him, only to learn later he’s the dragon prince, Deng Longwei.

She has always been told that dragons are the enemy. But when she’s in trouble Longwei’s the first to save her. When love grows between them, will it be enough to stop a war?

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